Thursday, July 23, 2009

Campaign for Justice 4 Baby Suzie / Lorena Lopez vs. Chief Bratton Monday 8am

suzie action

Campaign for Justice 4 Baby Suzie

Lorena lopez vs. Chief Bratton

Four years ago Susie Lopez was murdered by the LAPD in Watts, CA. The SWAT team shot her dead in her father's arms, she was only 19 months.

Lorena Lopez is her mother, and she is fighting Chief Bratton and the LAPD in court for the next 20 days.

Community organizations are calling for a press conference/action Monday 7/27 in front of the court building on the corner of Hill and 1st

There will be a press conference and action at 8am

We are also asking people to show support with court solidarity whenever they can throughout the trial. Monday-Friday for the next 20 days at 111 N Hill st dept 58 on the 5th floor 8:30-4:30 approximately.

Sponsored by the October 22nd Coalition, Cop Watch Los Angeles, Coaltion for the Community Coalition for Control Over the Police

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