Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Break The Lock Political Prisoner Program

Break The Lock Political Prisoner Program

Break The Lock Political Prisoner Program believes that every prisoner locked up behind enemy lines ( The Prison Industrial Complex) is a political prisoner because of the social conditions we are living under. In this society of the Haves and Have Nots, those who are poor are more likely to end up behind bars
- victims of the (in)justice system. Break The Lock Political Prisoner Program aims are to build a support group that connects The Movement on the inside to The Movement on the outside. Learning from revolutionaries like George and Jonathan Jackson, "Most of today's black convicts have come to understand that they are the most abused victims of an unrighteous order."
We will be raising money to write letters, send books and literature, supporting political prisoners and their families. Our goals also are to give rides, help with visitation and legal support. Break The Lock! Free All Political Prisoners! The Black Riders Liberation Party is putting out a call to all organizations in solidarty and support of to please help out if possible with the materials list below;

Wish List

Stamps, envelopes, pencils,paper, volunteers, books, money, literature, copies, lawyers.

Contact Etana at Yabastaorganize@gmail.com or (707) 616-9774

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